India Crowd Management Conference
India Crowd Management Conference 2018
India Crowd Management Conference 2018
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ICMC 2018

IoT in Crowd Management

Call for Submission of Paper / Case Studies on  Stampede


Conference Background

The India Crowd Management Conference (ICMC) is founded by Dr. R. K. Dave under broad objectives of RESPECT (a not for the profit agency). The knowledge generated by RESEPCT’s ground-breaking work on projects in the application of “technologies” for enhancing national resilience is being utilised by all sectors of society. RESPECT is proud to be one of the richest sources for building Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills (KAS) in the domain of  “disaster management” in India. RESPECT has successfully organised three major national conferences – 1. India Industry Emergency Conference (in collaboration with GSDMA, IBM, CISCO system) and 2. EOC (in collaboration with IBM, CISCO system, Allied Digital, and Trigyn) and 3. India Crowd Management Conference 2018 in collaboration with Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board (Gujarat Government) and GIDM. RESPECT announces 2nd  India crowd management conference at the capital city of Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India) on 10 February 2018.

Through its sub-set ICMCat   - RESPECT aims at “improving safety and security at places of mass gathering” by bringing awareness and knowledge amongst all stakeholders including event organisers, trust and administrations managing places of worships, Industry, GO , NGO and academia.

The 2nd edition in the series of ICMC 2018 will provide a common platform for convergence of researchers, educators, safety officials, temple trusts, administration, Disaster management practitioners, Policy makers and consultants to undertake a comprehensive analysis and explore solutions to pressing safety challenges at places of mass gathering in India. RESPECT invites paper/case studies for presentations at the India Crowd Management Conference at Gandhinagar on 10 February 2018.

Papers / Case Studies- Invited

Papers/case studies will be considered on ‘IoT (Internet of Things)’ for all aspects of crowd safety at places of mass gathering (with a specific focus on places of worships in India).

Examples of potential areas of interest to conference participants include (note that these are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as limitations):

Use of Science and Technology in Crowd management planning process

  • IoT for Crowd Management
  • Surveillance system and Video Analytics for places of mass gathering
  • Fire detection and management at places of mass gathering
  • Sensory Network for Places of mass gathering
  • Alert and Warning system for places of mass gathering
  • Case studies on us of “Technologies for managing crowd” at places of mass gathering
  • Technology tools for capacity building in crowd management
  • Decision Support System (DSS) for Managing Crowd at places of mass gathering​​​​​

Selected papers of ICMC 2018 will be published in the special issue on Safety at Places of Mass Gathering in India.


Please submit your paper/case study indicating affiliation of  organisation and all authors along with the contact information of the corresponding author (full address with email and phone number). The papers may be submitted via email to




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